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Born and raised in the South Bay area of LA, TOKi was classically trained in the piano and clarinet, and is self-taught in the guitar and drums. Growing up, she was a child passionate about the arts (drawing, music, dance, poetry), but it was through the words of early conscious hip hop that she was able to expand her mind to all facets of life and society--thus she fell in love. She began attending shows, participating in the local independent music scene, and through the influence of her artist friends, decided to start producing her own music. The act of digging through old vinyl and appropriating these "broken dreams" into something new and contemporary motivated her to become more immersed in her production. As of now, her music is still growing as she is striving to bring peace and good beats to ears of all people.
Born in Gunma, Japan, a.z (pronounced ah-zu) is a female trackmaker living in Tokyo, Melancholic yet deep, her style of production is gaining attention among borderless scenes. Currently working on her solo album, a.z also contributed a track to an upcoming compilation release on from dejine:rec.

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, Junzo resides in Berkeley. After focusing on playing guitar and drums throughout his teens, he then started collecting hip hop records. He's been making beats using a sampling machine since 2006, His signature style is lacing hardcore beats with deep atmospheric textures. Junzo is also working on his first solo album.

Born in Toyama, Japan, Zaion lives in San Francisco. He was raised with a classical music background, then he gravitated towards creating hip hop. Zaion is an avid traveler, he aims to mesh cultural textures with lush musical landscapes with his main tool: the MPC2000XL.


original version appears on TOKiMONSTA "Bedtime Lullabies" available on limited release in japan through wenod