War With The Senses

come stroll on the sands of the lands of the earth
growing life is the goal pay the toll within
you can know in the sky but understand in the dirt
our soul never ends let the show begin

you can hold in your hands all the sands of the earth
throwing dice that you roll for the souls of men
when the sky turns purple sound the red alert
our soul never ends let the show begin...

(Joe Con)
yeah...come see what the young ones dream
where none but the One is the sum of the team
come clean spring run through your bloodstream
drop seeds don't chop trees under the sunbeams
come be who you true wan' be
liberty's a lady but she don't come free
don't make me spell it out like ABC
this is Caveman Shingo and JOE
speak a dialect of higher sects ground now sky is next
heaven sent medecine rise above the side effects
take a breath take a step we on a ride to death
that I direct thus says the Lord lay your pride to rest
if you have a heart inside your chest
you're a light in the dark don't deny the quest
lion heart art hard as iron build the Ark of Zion
I Con strike icons sound the sirens....

ayo, I've got a friend in afghanistan,
no joke he's there to give a lending hand
to the people in need of all kinds of hope
so they know how to get through the day and cope
in that way, ain't it all the same around the globe though
just to survive we need to build like Lego
kill the egos and let the pathos go
live proper, and prosper and all that good stuff
and tough luck and then what?
you fucked up, they try to tell you
if you don't work for dem probably fail you
the one time you ask for help
should've known how the law operates by now
so quick to punish and so slow to assist
better chance finding air in a deep abyss
get a grip my friend,
very little time left till the story ends
blah! all bets are off and it all depends
whether the gods work it out with a golden pen
de ja vu all over again
looping in a cycle like a roller link
lo, the same civilization who stole the obelisk
killed the sun god and carried out the monolith
men of melanin threats to the pale honor list
you can't get away with like sampling nautilus
what I mean is every second is precious
we make the music to alleviate the pressures
don't blame the game, might as well play to win
we got the crowd waitin' let the show begin, come on

(Joe Con)
and did i mention birth is the entrance
to the trenches work the dirt of the system
and did i mention the worst of intentions
vengeance is vicious swim with the fishes
but did i mention it's them that's in prison
and they can't take nothin' from you that you don't give 'em
and did i mention the war with the senses
fight against self though i was sworn to defend it
and did i mention divine intervention
the kind that you find at the prime of existence
at the height of your flight from addiction
to all conflict and blind superstition
and did i mention It Is Done as It Is Written
rise and shine son or fall behind in your mission
this ain't a war of jealousy or petty competition
it's a question of our destiny it's time for a decision