Sweet Discovery

(this offering)
yeah tonight's the night and I'ma
light that idea in your mind
and you can't even fight back
you didn't know you would like that, right?
but the taste is (so heavenly)
the flavor and the texture on your tongue, true glory
aroma and the smell olfactory, orgy
the combination makes you tell a story of sweet (discovery)
if I know i'm allowed inside
like jelly in a donut I can take you out on a ride
we can reach for the clouds so soft like cotton candy
thick like a fruit tart, white choco lining
my custard filled crust, you lust over this
let me discover what's under it
when I take the ribbon off and rip open the box,
I sing praise for (this offering)
strawberry, blueberry, blackberry gold
sugar rush antioxidants galore
my open sesame balls with azuki red bean paste
patisserie bake in your oven, rotisserie vertical or horizontal,
bare back or full frontal you can sample my pumpkin pie
whip cream all around me,
cup designs swirl, you rock my world (so heavenly)

from the plate continental breakfast in bed,
oj croissant, pillow talk, peanut butter killer
éclair filler, apple fritter, un-bitter
none better than (this offering)
sprinkled or glazed old-fashioned
sweet tooth mansion
smash cushions with reckless abandon
did I mention we can make a huge splash, huh
release the tension I can be your masseur
smoother than bee's wax, agave nectar
sugar unrefined syrup, undefined
clothes disrobe and disclose the best-kept
top secret and you say (so heavenly)
is the afternoon tea with a pound or a cheesecake,
time to attend a private bake sale
I'ma buy a dozen of your girl scout cookie
what she doesn't know that I'm a former
rookie of the year, now a seasoned vet specialized in grooming
skin caramelize and oozing
banana juicing, body fluid cleansing
everyday is a sweet (discovery)
(this offering)
hawaiian smoothie, acaii bowl
delectable discoveries
light touch to stimulate the ovaries
dreams of trips overseas, so meant to be
it's (so heavenly)
is your body like the stars, celestial
sound bites expand ethereal
lovely parts puffed like soufflé, mashed like purée,
works of art to curate
display it in an optimum place and arrangement
set up proper lighting on the face of my angel
the features make a permanent stain collection
on a show titled (discovery)
still hovering, doomed lovers in a room full of cameras
and the lens with a zoom and the microphone
wired in my inner ear please don't interfere
this offering so heavenly discovery
(so heavenly)