blazing sun can make you crazy
sauna streets can make you lazy
no ac, hit the fans, summertime in nyc
the bare skins can drive you crazy
what have I done for me lately
oh lady, gimme a chance, summertime in nyc

sweltering clothing, sugar rays, welterweight
asphalt humidity arrives in alternate waves
water hydrant sprays in the ways of children
hop puddles on pavement reflect the cadence
black and white and gray, love and hate
so classic like radio raheem
sounds careen off the walls and echo in halls
a short story long, twenty-four like jack b
nimble on the tracks of all trades
beats for cheese, eyes like knives, fixed on tease
a smile and a chat open doors like keys
so what am I supposed to do on trysts like these
the twists that follow got you weak in the knees
but the week is never-ending and the legs begging please
take me to a spot where we can chill nomadic
and the hot spells take a back seat to the magic

flirting with the triple digit heat
prospects on the mound I'm a scout sweat dripping on the seats
you jealous 'cause they get butts in the stands
fans get rowdy at the players with their heads in the sand
the beach bodies and the hotties got the party jumping
but I'm on the boardwalk snapping instagrams
sipping iced blue bottle with the crew getting tanned
all the while my mind is a wandering…
a plan is a plan so you must overstand
that it's never set in stone unless you get a grand
on a ticket better brand that, patent that move or a pattern like a panda
independent plan that next step then you fill a gap like a tooth fairy
gotta be a busy bee if you want the queen
trust me, you don't want a brat oh it's tragic
you know comedy? shoot numbers automatic