Stand Alone

Continuous reconstruction like Sagrada Familia
Rebel with no pause with the sound unfamiliar
Resurrect the word play lyrical necrophiliac
Heavy to the bone marrow transplant killin'em with
Love supreme with the heart of yellow gold
Never go under, always overstand alone like
Hardware steering clear of all crashes
Spread like software with the imprint of Cassius
Root of all evil in the hands of the man
Concoct a master plan to slave the indigenous
History repeats like a seven bar loop
Sacred archives sound bites sampled from originals
Pride like lions humble pray on all quarto
Rock like Orion plus steady with the trio
Solo monologue rhyme doubles breaking deuces
Even with no beat, heavy bass lines serving aces

Have you ever left a loved one to go fight a battle?
Have you ever stood against a force from the dark side?
Have you ever been a rebel crushed by a label?
Have you ever felt alone going up against a system?

You want real drama?
Mama nature's gonna knock you out your sockets
Lights out, no food dead trees in your pockets
Grab the instrument and rock it
Choice weapon on my lap in the cockpit
I need real soldiers volunteering on deck
New genera' heed this, crystal clear mic check

孤高の精神を持つ 不屈の獅子と成れ