Japonica (Rejuvi:nation)

Japonica, Japonica, the beautiful!
The MC and the DJ here to bring back the music to the people and the roots and.....

Now the seed was conceived in the core of the sun, but the east wind took it to a distant land
There it was nurtured by light, water and soil, with some patient help from a loving hand
And when the time came for a flower to blossom it wanted to find a way back to the mother's bosom
So it could reclaim what remained in the bottom of the heart which was hard to explain without pain, but the same kind of passion became a flashing, burning image of a pilgrimage
So the young seed took to sea, where it all began where all life became a grain of sand in the hands of time that never to seemed to care about a strand of straw that couldn't hold the weight of the world on its shoulders but wait!
The power of fate made the seed stand up to say,
Mother land, even though we have been apart, my thoughts have always been home so I could play my part, if and only if it is meant to be, I would humbly accept the message sent to me
So I thank you for the energy, so now please watch your prodigal son return as a prodigy!

Now when the seed was to reach the soft shores of the scene,
What it saw was so contrary to within
Standing in the rain and the wind, the old withered alone, nobody to hold, the young without a home, a name, a history to claim, the flowers lost colors and they all looked the same
The leaves forgot how to grow up towards the sky
And they didn't know why the water ran dry through the pastures barren and weak,
Their own future apparently bleak with nobody to tend but everybody to pretend that they care,
Fair on the surface but underneath the ground once away from the sun they tangled roots of one another, only to steal from a sister or a brother
The Land of the Sun? Could this be right? Where the grass is green and the sky is bright?
The seed wept quietly in the shadows of the trees 'cause the best kept secret was a lie,
So it prayed: Mother Land, Father Sun, please forgive them for they know not what they do,
But in due time, the very land they would piss on, I would kiss on , and put my lips, nose and ears to the ground, I know I could hear the sound crying for help, so in reply, I'll sing...

So you keep what you reap what you sow
From the seed of wisdom means sacrifice
For tomorrow we borrowed this land from
Future generations of seeds to follow so this is my prayer....

Please God help me so I can stay strong
Please God help me to see right from wrong
Please God help me so I that I can live long
As long as I can sing this song.....