Pearl Harbor (english)

Ok there's anger, I can sense the danger, another bomber leaves the hangar who's the arranger of this particular war? It's the United Nations, United States government protecting the interests of their pacific sanctions, so many situations, it's 1941 Hitler still exists, he's concentrating on the Jews, Hawaii is subdued on the crew's circumstances as WWII advances technology enhances weaponry, the creation of the atom bomb who the fuck to drop it on? Japon, the only non-European, human beings in Honolulu fleeing, the world is in awe people don't believe what they seeing, it's ill, the Brits controlled by William Churchill, Japan by Hideki Tojo, Italy by Bonito Mussolini, U.S. by Harry Truman, Hitler in Germany turning the history, to a blank page, fill it with human tissue, December 7th, and you can check the issue, discuss it with your grand mommy, out like a pilot on a mission of fucking Kamikaze!

1941, Japanese soldier, engaging in battle, perfect composure
clandestine overnight operation, the final destination, Pearl Harbor!
flying through the night, high visibility the sky is clear, everything in sight
Can you hear the turbulence? Can you feel my heartbeat?
I'm a lone pilot, equipped with the Zero, in my mother land they honor me as a hero
But I still got my mother's picture in a locket, 'cause there's nobody else up in the cockpit
I glance at the panel and the readings are normal, check the radar, radio detection and ranging
My section is changing, the crew is coming kamikaze, direct translation, divine intervention
My squadron comprises an aerial torpedo, I've been taught I'm attacking for Emperor Hirohito
I was raised 22 years so I could serve my one and only country, the empirical army
We flew down from the west side of the mountains, the harbor below containing the target fleet
Arizona, Oklahoma, Maryland and California, total devastation burned onto my cornea
I'm dropping bombs on American soil, my blood is getting so heated it's ready to boil
and evaporate like the history behind us, to remind us not to forfeit the memories
And yes, I do remember the 7th day of December, being patriotic in an idiotic war,
Now what the hell was I fighting for!?

The mic is so hot, I turn coal into diamonds and pearls,
I harbor no pain but the flow still remains
I can't fight the blood in my veins

1998, Japanese MC engaging in battle, perfect composure
Forget the path of overnight sensation, the final destination, world conquer
Rhyming through the night, high lyrical ability, trailblazing clearing everything in sight
Can you hear the bass? Can feel the drums?
I'm a lone artist building up from zero, with my other hand trying to grab that dinero
I grab the microphone so that I could rock it, battle drills taught me that I got shit in my cockpit
We throw it down on the west side of the nations, The U.S and Japan now bringing you the beat,
I was on a mission to come to California, rip the mic while other MCs turn cornier,
I don't need a commercial-ass singe, double-platinum, triple-six shit, quadruple vinyl to say this much
that I'm the freshest MC ever to touch the mic in this bilingual manner with my own banner,
I just do what I do and do well what I do, that's why I move and I dwell with my crew
The name is Empire22 and don't forget it, I'm concise when I slice so there's no need for an edit
I think globally and rap locally, the freak Asian breaking down the equation, E=MC squared?
Nah, me equal MCs scared because I explode atomically
MC's break down comically get dropped automatically
the force connecting the pacific is called hiphop
one nation indivisible in an invisible war, now what the fuck are you fighting for!?

The mic is so hot, I turn coal into diamonds and pearls,
I harbor no pain but the flow still remains
I can't fight the blood in my veins

(for 10th anniversary Redux)
2008, ain't a damn thang changed
War lives in the quarters of the morally insane
Collaborate with me, corroborate my documentary
The government loves to creata an enemy
May of 2001 the Hollywood Pearl Harbor opened in the theaters and four months later
the shit hit the fan, lo and behold Afghanistan, then Iraq and now Iran
See the phantom menace splashed in the front pages
Economics reign behind the facade of politics

Even in the grim face of defeat, civilians take the streets, all screaming peace
Damned if you do, but even more if you don't
It's a catch22 and if you know then you won't
Stand in a line so you can wait for residuals
Why live and work for calllous individuals?
Us immigrants the usual suspects, scapegoats trapped in the aspect ratio
The pundits stirring up an interracial drama for a showdown, slow down
Take a look around, don't lose your head, first check both sides of the coin
'Cause it's the dark tides of prejudice that keep on edge but my comrades keep me on point
And you say what's the cause I say just because
I can't afford to pause or the skies will fall
In another ten years, when we look back
Ask what in the world were we fighting for

The mic is so hot, I turn coal into diamonds and pearls,
I harbor no pain but the flow still remains
I can't fight the blood in my veins