M.O.B.O's in the place to be
It ain't where you from, it's where you at
M.O.B.O's in the place to be, Chillin' like a villain in the 21C
M.O.B.O's in the place to be
It ain't where you at, it's where you're going
M.O.B.O's in the place to be, Kickin' sick lycs on the MIC

Modernized B-boys break dance electro
Magnetic force resurrect the retro
Spectacle like wild style graffiti on
Bullet trains going high speed and trillion
Colors pixilated cut like diamonds
Acetates pressed and vibrate diaphragms
Mic check in fourteen time zones, six continents and eighteen languages
Digitized files carry crates of heavyweights
Mini-size technics freak the beat
Sure fire starter kit blaze the set (yeah)
Who's crew wanna represent the best yet
Live and direct of appear in flesh
Every kid on the block bust come fresh
In a style battle DJs and MCs
Chief rocker down to earth like hemp seeds


Futuristic arithmetic
Breakin' atoms into quantum particles
Random patterns in entropy
Rhythm in effect to throw the party
Art galleries to sold out stadiums
Warehouse spots to protest podiums
Heads up peace signs put your hands up high
Hands down worldwide gets your fists up
The revolution will not be televised
Don't believe the hype and the white lies
Free speech exercised to maximum
Level insecurity you better be askin' em
Question authority model minority
Report live the front line on the streets
Awake to the mass or sleep with the enemy
Dream catcher one on the run spread the energy


6 billion lives to save, choose one
If for every child born we could give up a gun
Packed crowd all ready to rock like Alcatraz
Act like you know every face in Mardi Gras
Givin' out love instead of autographs
Breakin' off wisdom like a walkin' almanac
Maniac concept and flow, goin' out like a martyr with a mission to blow
Up jumps the boogie down with the real king
Better pay attention when you hear me speaking
Follow the lead of the real MC
lets me see if you can last the song the harder it gets,
The alma mater of hits
The old school to the ultra new school
We're one big group of fish swimmin' in the sea that is,
Where the mac daddys and the hot mamas lookin' like oh my god, help me