Look Fwd

I love this freedom when I listen to beats
I can take any direction I choose to lead
the music with the lyrics, no need to mimic
the new kids on the block keep it prolific
not trapped in a box it's all over the place
like a room of a five-year old, you don't know?
like it should be, how the forefathers of rap
blazed the trail so we have to do the same for the
next instead of posting on a curb posting on a page
scrolling up and down, so what
let's get out into the real world
and make something happen for the heads to look fwd to
the young to look up to, even just to say wassup dude
every talent a genius, so don't be rude
when you comment on a status it's up to you
to be a friend or a douche, end it on a deuce

we look fwd, cuz we owe it to our ancestors
we go hard cuz we know it pays to answer the
letter to call, word is bond, to make the song
put it on an album and it's on

we look ahead with our eyes, fwd
all terrain in the rain, 4wd
girl you got me weak, swv
my head still spinning over subtleties
a la subtitles of a foreign film
you gotta watch close to follow the plot
otherwise you miss the climax and end up in a spot
between a rock and hard bounce back and forth
I got a text from her, she wants to meet for lunch
I got a hunch that it's the start of a beautiful relationship
I'll be damned if I don't give it my all and be counted with the bunch
cuz real talk, the fake don't last but if you let the bs walk
and load the bases the ump calls a balk
and messes up the pace of your game man
and you might as well go insane
with the aim but you keep your composure
here to save and bring some closure
to an episode now turn the brochure
welcome to a new world without the orders


let's be frank it's impossible to stay in touch
with so many people jamming up the feed
plus the teams be running up the scores
on the board and the tickers going crazy
I need a little timeout and you do too
take a walk or something to shake it off, woof
maybe your phone and your headphones
living proof we got a mission and we need to survive
on a level that we rarely do see but to die
without fulfilling your role would be to lie
to yourself and you wouldn't wanna live that, you know why?
cuz the one thing you wanna avoid
is the fear of the end before you shift your gear
to a speed that you cruise to the street named after
the man or the woman that your parents had to
raise with a lot of affection and a dream
that a child will grow up in a better world full of green
not the ones that are printed on the mint press
but the natural trees sure to impress
the folks looking down way above the satellite
we pay tribute with a candle light