Streets of Tokyo

Everybody claims Tokyo, you're on your own and still long for a home
Everybody claims Tokyo, you came to the City but still long for a home
That's the avenues of Tokyo, a street story

A return to the City of Tokyo, the eastern capital, one-way ticket in hand hiphop, rock, punk kids gather tokyo 23 districts, kids are weird homo- sapiens, undecipherable fashion sense, caused by fads and magazines An omnivorous culture, bleaching hair and skin, or dying pigments it's the appearances of people who act organized ever-changing evolutionary process of the Japanese, cosmetic surgery, piercing, and tanning salons our generation that loves to protest, working hard we wait from Monday thru Thursday, for the city to start moving, it's the weekend and now it's grooving bouncing sound, walk by the series of window displays, the city landscape consisting of skyscrapers not knowing when to stop growing, that's Tokyo

With a dream in heart, ride the bus, train, and taxi public transportation is a collective activity, the longer you're exposed, the more you became oblivious to others pass by thousands encounters everyday, eyes meet but no words are exchanged run through the station exit on the west side, only talk to your boss and friends long for the Tokyo soil, but it's all concrete, the beat you hear on it is your own, everything is artificial here yes, it's a jungle, with so many different kinds of people you gotta be on the lookout yamato, black, persian, korean it's a clown foreigners make better patriots it's the city that embraces those with a little contradiction and a past- that's Tokyo National sport TV watching, in houses, apartments, complexes, mansions 100 million are happy family members in front of the tv set, the parent and kids the economy supported by speed (that:'s a lie) the TV industry eats up young gals (oh that's real) entertainers with no talent OR brains will fall, soon Politics quietly develop backstage, a written page in history the young then writes graffiti on it, rascals we used to jump over other people's fences, my friend and I Slow down on freeways, fuck traffic I'm still riding my car, spot a rare hitchhiker, either a nomad or a "house guest" (here we go again) For those leaving or arriving, you just can't forget this city, that's Tokyo