Evolution of the MC

The MC must be the artist to create a picture take the brush of imagination, and your bare hands to grasp your own reality and capture it in your brain, wear the armor of heavy eyelids and shut out the vision once you obtain an understanding beyond the sight you conquer imminent extraneous thoughts delete every single one of them, and draw the scenery that you "see" there in a flash below 0 degrees centigrade occurs the world where the focus is blurred, but the beautiful scene exists outside of the frame the plan must be redone from the blueprint the final picture appears slowly, a montage the negatives are burned into the brain, and the hands replicate the image the prodigy manipulates infinite lyrical shades the eye is the prism that dissects light, verbal rhythm displayed in the two-dimensional world

Miki is the DJ, Shingo besides me is the MC, we throw up our fists We paint our very dreams that we draw, Japanese warriors singing their hearts

The MC must be the dreamer of this world an escapade dream within reality, or a dream in which you witness the other dimension within sleep a scenery that you've visited, a person you've met, a conversation that you recognize The future is a movie that your conscious mind allows you to see, vision the spirit travels through a futuristic scenario, a ring in the ear highlighted by developments in the story of today another page turned, a message received from decoding the dream, a divine inspiration, the spiritual gauge reads full and us mc's literally live off of those very dreams, the subconscious mind explodes, a light-emitting brain muscle starts to move delving into the pile of memory, where garbage and jewels are mixed in together you are the protagonist A daydream zooming into the character the memory film scrolls ever so slowly brief visual clip anecdotes concatenate to form an epic life story non-fiction!

what's happened to me... Am I dreaming? I didn't know I posessed such a power....

The MC must be the poet to write the lyrics "I take the songs to sing my soul" you cannot deny the history, of Japan ready to be repeated The period is Heian, 9th century, the genesis of Japanese literary culture Until then literature and art were all imports of the Tong dynasty, China of today And Ki no Tsurayuki coined the term Nationalistic Culture to point out the beauty of our Japanese language at the same time the kana system was developed, a generation spurring the new styles of poetry The word was revolutionized, emperor Gotoba performed the first sampling technique using Manyoshu, an immutable fact; a literary technique resurrecting old "kotoba" (word) with new "kokoro" (heart) Therefore like we did from China centuries ago, we must now seek cultural independence from America, the Yamato Hiphop, the history will be repeated You cannot forget that the Japanese are lyrical tribe the poet genetics remain in our blood, warriors with the lyrical weapon the language that changed after the war now we use our will to choose the words, the subconscious mind (lyrical detergent), selection with the mind (wash), I mean the power to brainwash the pen is the sword which is double-etched, now point the blade at the unseen enemy!