Laid in Japan

The breathing becomes stronger, the physical meets at a deeper level than the mental once is not enough, yearning for the next the virgin is adulterated like everybody else the girl has a man, but now she's staring at the ceiling with another man, on top of the bed and she's on the bottom, and she goes on to do something that she'd lie to herself about only cause she's bored; this girl (yes, somebody's daughter) has a light underhair, a measurement of 36-24-36, the 16 year old buys brand-names for $ 100, plus she likes them bags (she likes to give blows for $100 plus she likes it from the back) she gets too much allowance that's why she buys too much, she likes to be felt round the breasts, that's the total opposite from the nice girl you expected she's got a mature body so she can freely have sex, she's already handled the x-tacy, speed, lsd, done that, done a guy, oh the pager's going off, she's got to leave the place but she'll be out again tomorrow

A boring date without a conversation, privacy is kept in the hotels, the pink streetlights illuminate the night life, the bed sheets and pillow cases are stained in scarlet, my little lover for the night baby the condoms are in the wallet, take off the buttons and the rings, after cunnilingus it's the contraception, a synthetic full rubber protection precedes primal mating exercises, you'll get a kiss in return and don't forget the std's everybody's a freak set up the cameras, you'll hear who did who when and where, relationships change drastically like a kaleidoscope it was supposed to be "just the two of us" but somehow something got in between, an unidentified virus a vague, uncertain naked relationship loses something in the process, something... Only in Japan you will hear society urging kids to come hitters somebody set up the standards that laugh at virgins and uncircumcised penis rapist abduction and confinement, perverts in the train, there's something wrong with today's sex - education, which is the after school ed consisting of sleezy tv, porn videos and mags There's no tricks to the act of love, but nobody can stop the act of pleasure cute girl and the mack, the two gets it on standard style, the mind's always prepared, once the eyes meet you know the body is too...