High In Vain

Shoot it up the vain, my lyrics got more milk for your brain

Hello, remember me from the other day, I bought some hits from you to escape reality... I want to sow my own seeds so let me grab that lighter... humans burn and smoke materials natural in origin but catored artificially, enjoying a mysterious chemical reaction that utilizes oxygen right off the bat hit it up the nostrils, or go through the wind pipes oh that's an eternal moment the cardiovascular is a little off... the heartbeat rises, I can hear my own pulse, the silence is broken once the substance enters my body it goes through the capillary vessels to join the blood streams once it's circulated my senses are razor sharp, every second I find a new truth... did you know our body is like a cylinder connected with and exposed to the outer world? Well I knew that and also... a smoke is a collection of microscopic solids in air.... I mean it's an wicked breath inhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, exhale, shoot, shoot, vomit.... but regurgitation really cleans your system it's good for you once you take a hit you get a cough like asthma, but the feeling is like a field trip in the 4th grade, floating in air, "you can bring your treats in your baggies but keep it under five dollars" If you exceed the limit you're definitely going on another trip let's see we got oldie favorites and also the new hits, white powder, blue capsules, green buds, red flame, and a rainbow-coated candy

(Hi boys and girls! We've got some big news! Famous worldwide as the mecca of the hippie movement in the 60's, now Berkeley, CA has come out with a revolutionary kind of drug! Although we're still checkin' out the side effects and all, it's been a smash among the crazy-ass Japanese kids over in the States! Anyway, just read the label and see for yourself!)
(uh, thank a lot. Now let's go back to the studio with professor Saito!)

Surprisingly, this drug is used through the ear. This virus that spreads through the medium of air at a speed of 120 feet per second, cannot be killed, or detected by the naked eye. Once it enters the body through the ear it runs through the canals and travels straight to the brain. It's a high that you can experience through hearing. It contains a high addictive factor, and preparations should be made. The drug is not dramatic in the sense that it's still artificial, as in made by man, but the sonic waves and the way it attacks the lymph nodes plus the stimuli on the brain, must be accounted, and in a blink of an eye it will draw out memories and knowledge unconsciously. Therefore people will have different trips, and hundreds of kids will flock on it.

You can see the love for the high humans are animals easy to be addicted, to something fun satisfaction comes from "things" and "stuff" once it's obtained dependencies follow the body and mind will be infected, more or less Once you're in you fail to see the historical background, or the illicit transactions and the dealers in the underworld the doers are at the bottom of the money pyramid, just a base level giving up the cash in exchange for fun, even endangering the self the seduction doesn't stop, exploiting the weakness, a product that tires the mind however it's just a fancy dope for the majority the fire of want continues to burn ...