Let's get spiritual-ly moved to the heavens like
Trekking under stars and the moon over sand dunes
The call of the wild'll stir up your blood
With no lemon or salt it's a natural high
One trip you'll never wanna miss
All parties involved getting' giddy like it's their first kiss
Indeed, slip a tongue and cheek if you wanna
But it won't stop the thrill or kill the mystique
I'm a freak when the beat comes on, right
Without touching down I'm in the red zone
Hike x3 to the edge of the milky way
Pack light speed no delay
Off the shores of Pegasus I'ma megabust
These outlandish styles that's never been seen on this side of the galaxy
Bumpin' Doc Max in a space taxi
Shotgun poppin' lines on the one and then some
Servin' every plate to the max like dim sum
Hymns sung in the praise of God
Dem sons and daughters of man face the odds
Stacked up against the wall like auto wrecks
Lost in the shuffle better cut your own decks
And your own checks no special efx
Cut to the chase the real text for gen next

(Doc Max)
Let these words serve as only a second to the final 3,599
Open your 3 eyes and your mind
Stop then realize the mark
Isn't hard to find, yet it's cleverly disguised in cloaked lies
Preconceived stocks and bonds
Between so-called enemies ties
Read between the (red and white) lines
True to the shit like flies
One attracts the other
Father to mother, sisters to brothers
Spirits hovering like none other
Kill the idiot box
CNN is no friend of the "knocks"
I'm paging GNN to Freelance the block
And show the people the true plot
To destroy and pump fear for the growth of economical and foreign stock
Unleashing homicidal sentences
In the name of different religions
Infesting the surroundings like hungry pigeons
Blazing chambers of fires burning
Aromas and faces of the innocent forever yearning and turning
For cover, with smothering air raids
Precision brigades, and stockades invade
Outside through the inside
Bullets and propaganda falling from the sky
Like raining pesticides
To transform and die civilians
Like peroxide
To soldiers of the vice empire
Until their life and faith gradually expires
Humans on the front lines are like squirrels on a live wire
Tight roping through these days in disarray
Watch out!
Lifeless souls are now out of their caves
And out for hate
No time to hibernate
but wait...
Here's the way
The answer it is within
And not with them and  those little shifty acronyms
CIA, FBI, OIF, OIL submission under a spell
I bet you're wandering
Why don't pigs fly straight?
Silly cause their wings are imaginary
Death is secondary
Living is primary
We all succumb to it in the end
No need to run, hide or false pretend
in the name of sin, in the name of sin
in the name of sin, in the name of sin....

What's the opposite of organized religion,
Individual spirituality?
He or she who knock, knocks on the door shall receive
See, you can open locks without having the key
Kill the TV but keep the faith
It's so easy to hate, and it's hard to relate
Love is always free but time is money
And if killing time is murder then what's the word?