I was a young tyke age fourteen
the shy type, chit chat an ordeal
the first phrase I heard you say was awesome dude
fly with the fat lace hightop shoes
you were tight with the clique you grew up with
I didn't have the guts to get close to but
when I heard the music you bumped in the lot
I didn't understand the foul language
found out later you were raised by an uptight mom
still whenever you said muthafucka it hurt
little did I know it came from a grand grand grandmuthafucka
must've had it engrained huh
songs from the church to the rhymes on the streets
now "all growed up" and sho' enuff
binge drinking, big spending class president
runnin wild with the credit
tab you let it pile like bills
stress, pop some pills
hopping on 'em, cheap thrills
go spend your way out of debt
cheat your way out of death
you're way out of line, Ameri
speed too wreckless
I speak out of love
how I pray you wake up, Ameri
though I know that
you were never mean to me
how much you mean to me, Ameri

the next time I saw her she was pushing a carriage
went into the market and hid some cabbage
into the stroller along with some carrots
both of her earlobes laced with carats
she seem to walk gingerly
I leisurely went around the aisle,
snuck around while she walked right past me
talkin' about fancy things to her earpiece
I had the chance, see
took a quick glance, her baby was plastic
cheeks made of rubber and smile was elastic
oh wow that image everlasting
how could you go from adorable to nasty
in such a short span man
you once had a vibe of an angel the mind of a pan's labyrinth
I had a dream discovering the secret chamber
the most sacred amber
window to your soul I gazed in amazement,
in a photograph, your style was never same and
that was then well this is the hereafter
what did you capture, Ameri?
you know when you went away to the big city
you said "see you on the cover", Ameri
they call your uncle a bandit
the rap I can't stand it
wherever did you go, Ameri

I gotta be honest, I had my funnest
moments with you Ameri
I wrote letters and poems to girls I met
on the road when I did my year abroad
I told them stories I knew and they had you in them
now they wanna visit Ameri
cuz nothing compares like having familay
in a foreign country,
had to leave only to realize just how much I missed you
and all I brought back was a fistful
of white sand in a bag
small taste of blissful memories
I didn't want things to end
like a good meal, a good beat, or a movie
don't even trip off the time it's soothing
forget about the past just grooving
all day and all night ooh wee
and that's how we gotta be, Ameri
nah I'm not afraid to say you and me
and that's how we gotta be, Ameri
we could take on the world, don't you see
I just wanna call your name Ameri
I just wanna say I got you Ameri
I just wanna tell you this Ameri
that I'll send a kiss good luck Ameri