agua de vida

when i was younger
i had this hunger
for knowledge to understand
the wonders the world would offer
all for free, like the air I breathe
but the more I discovered
it was clearer
a few had the power
and more than ever
some had to suffer
just to get a ticket today, for a meal
so why do we bother
what's the deal
I'll ask my brother
how's your sister
he said he wanted to stick it good
to the mister man
I put my arms around his shoulder
and this is what I told him
say hey

let's cross the border
and the equator too
then follow the waters
walk down to the coast
before the light begins to fade
open the present
and step into the future
forget the order
no need for alarm
to save the day, I say
first the mind goes
then the body ditto
say hey

ju ju ju ka
ju ju ju ju ka
ju ju ju ka

cross the border
and the equator too
cross the border
your feet will be there to pave the way