Pearl Harbor / Japonica Ep
presented by Mary Joy Recordings / Empire22
complete credits / track listing

Pearl Harbor (English Tojo mix, feat. Bas-1)
produced, cuts by DJ $hin, bass tone by DJ Teru

Pearl Harbor (Japanese Snake:Eyez mix)
produced, cuts by DJ $hin

Japonica - Trimester
allegro con brio
molto vivace
crystallised by Vector Omega, needle injections by DJ Bill
six string assassin: Jonathan Patterson


Since by Man Came Death
crystallised by Vector Omega, vinyl dialogue by DJ Ryota
guitar/piano arrangement by Jonathan Patterson

Japonica - Rejuvi:nation
produced by the Japonica Band (DJ $hin, Jonathan
Patterson, Baron S. Salaam)
keys and guitar arrangements by Jonathan Patterson,
bass by Matt Buckner
cuts by DJ Bill

Bas-1 destroys courtesy of Bas Bombin Sounz
DJ Bill, DJ Ryota shave heads courtesy of Circus DJs
Jonathan Patterson and Matt Buckner slam tracks courtesy of Revolg Records
Shing02 and DJ $hin appear and may disappear courtesy of God

Recorded, mastered and perfected by Stevie K. at the Ice Chamber, Oakland CA.

Creative Contributors: Elena I., The Grouch and Arata C7S (Living Legends), Dirty Honey, Ian Curtis Wood, DJ 2xJO, Lorenzo G. Justice, and the deepest thanks and respects to all the voices, sounds and images that gave us energy on and off the record. The ultimate contributor is The Creator.

Photo Credits: Ryota Aiyama

Visually Encapsulated by Urban Demographics / E22