CIA (Cranes In Action)

Kumo-Maturi featuring Operation Peace Crane + JASH expo (
08/01/05 - 08/27/05 Semba Gallery Cafe&Workshop, Osaka)
Curated by JASH / Photo by Mami Maeda / OPC Report + Text by Hiroko Nakata (aka Sushi)

A Group exhibit curated by JASH featured eight artists presenting their works at the stylish gallery in Osaka. OPC featured Kumo-Matsuri (=Cloud Festival), merging the motifs of mushroom clouds and festival booths. Traditionally, Japanese festivals were means to converse with the heavens. We titled this show Kumo-Matsuri with that in mind, so we can heal and uplift the human spirit. Coincidentally, many of the works in the exhibit featured messages of peace and unity.

Cranes greeting passer-bys

Origami patterns on a flag

Yes, some Japanese need instructions!

folding is a form of prayer

The Kumo-Matsuri booth, a quiet chill space

Different camo cranes gather around

Crane the truth speaker

Cranes over mushroom

The Dome (by yamagata)
The opening ceremony was held on August 6th to commemorate the dropping on the bomb 60 years ago. There was a firework ceremony on the same day nearby at Yodo River.

Thousand Cranes (by yamagata)

The red fan imitating the Japanese flag

Mission Accomplished!