CIA (Cranes In Action)

DPM: disruptive pattern material
ISBN 0-9543404-0-X

Operation Peace Crane is featured in the first edition of "DPM: disruptive pattern material".
The camouflage guide book will be an ongoing project reflecting our turbulent times.
From its natural origins to military, fashion, and music, DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) is a thorough, urban-style compilation of the world's camouflage history. Hardy Blechman, the founder of Maharish and DPM Publishing of England bring you this 720 page magnum opus, seven years in the making. The complete edition comes with a 224 page supplemental book that display the camouflage patterns from militaries around the world.

Also filled with rare photos of Hip Hop artists, graffiti pieces, stylish product design to hyper-media toys, DPM is an end-to-end, top-to-bottom, enjoyable yet critical encylopedia for the modern camouflage connoisseur in you.

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left photo: UK first edition

The OPC spread comes with original origami papers.
"Throughout the book, including the 'Military' section, a strong anti-war sentiment is expressed with the emphasis on camouflage's natural and artistic beauty" (applause).
courtesy of dpm

Frank Magazine from NYC represents with their latest issue 19, a DPM version. OPC spread inside!