CIA (Cranes In Action)

DMZ featuring Operation Peace Crane x urara mano x MABATAKI (04/22/06 Namura Shipyard Site, Osaka)
Photo by maemamisom (MABATAKI), relaxmax / OPC Report + Text by Hiroko Nakata (aka Sushi)

<Party 88> hosted a all-night festival that incorporated music, art, and food. Conceptualizing a traditional style "Matsuri" event in the forest, there was a "Bon Odori" space, and even a skate ramp!

We successfully created a synergetic atmosphere, which all participants enjoyed. Operation Peace Crane was featured in a booth dubbed "DMZ", which stands for De-Militarized Zone. It also featured the "Skin-Tone" crayons of urara mano, and a free drawing space using them.

Thanks: shing02 + urara mano + DJ A-1 + ryota aiyama + kazuno + daisuke + yuichi + bassy + ayako + yasushi kitamura


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maemamisom (MABATAKI)