Hayabusa (translation)

the falcon is watching, the falcon is watching
the falcon is watching the balding mountain
the black pupil fixed on the island
no wishes to hand it over to the men in black
the four seasons shift the patterns
but the buildings remain colorless, still colorless

the falcon is listening, the falcon is listening
under the sun and wind, the falcon is listening silently
the skill to live with nature, stored in its beak
brave attitude, strong talon
scanning for sounds worthy of turning its head

the falcon is perched, the falcon is perched
perched on a branch bent dangerously
like a yabusame bow
then takes off like a straight bow
disappearing quietly like thatched roofs,
for the family, the pair goes on a hunt

the falcon is flying, the falcon is flying
flying in the wind of the times
reading the tides
feeling the slightest change at the tip of its wings
the school of fish protest in silence
that towers built on sand will collapse eventually

the falcon knows, the falcon knows
the falcon knows the helmets are coming
the man thinks, while avoiding sleep
with blueprints in his arms, running errands

the falcon is crying, the falcon is crying
answering the dark siren from offshore ships
lands on the edge of the boat every four years
to become one with the boat and ocean, to praise god
the falcon is waiting, the falcon is waiting
waiting for the people to return to the island