SHING02 - FOR THE TYME BEING Part2 mixed by DJ Icewater
artwork by MR44 (Foreign Family)

A sequel to 2009's FTTB, Cali-grown Brooklyn transpalnt DJ Icewater servers up a blend of exclusive features, original & unreleased material by Shing02.
Once again the mix contains exclusively English works from the bilingual MC.

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 Tracklisting / Credits:

1. Intro by DJ Icewater (shouts by Del The Funky Homosapien)
2. Gotta Have Fun (2010) (Ice Blend)
  original version produced by CAV3
  featured on CAV3 "Arkatype"
3. Aqautrium (demo mix, 2010) - produced by Chimp Beams
  to be featured on Chimp Beams album
4. Rooftop Choreography (2006) - produced by Mezmetic , Ice Blend (shouts by Myka9)
  featured on Mezmetic "Secrets of the Stingray Style" feat. Jern Eye, Myka9 & Shing02
5. Ameri (2010) - produced by CAV3
6. Angels and Demons (2008) - produced by Chimney Swift
  feat. CAV3 & Shing02
7.Gala Dress Remix (2009 / 2010) - produced by Cash Flow of Grand Groove
  original version produced by LEMS appears on album "Ping Pong Box"
8. War Times (2007) - produced by CAV3
  Seneca feat. Shing02, on “WAR II” by DJ’S OF MASS DESTRUCTION (Hip Hop Slam)
9.Ventilla (2010) - produced by Junzo
  scratches by DJ Icewater
  to be featured on Junzo album "Viral Strike"
10. Parallel World (2010) - produced by Marcus D / Remix by LASTorder
  main version to be featured on Marcus D "Shoshin"
11. Coupling Song (2009) - Ice Blend
  original produced by DJ Top Bill
12. Hero (2010) - produced by Scojourners
13. For The City Yamato Spirit Remix (2009 / 2010) - produced by Shing02 & Yamato Kaneko
  original version produced by Beatropolis , featured on "Beatro" available on iTunes
14. Rock The Spot TOKiMONSTA Remix (2009) - produced byTOKiMONSTA
  original version produced by Bash Brothers
15.Cruel World (2010) - produced by Shing02
  feat. Danny McEvoy
  full version appears on soundtrack "Ashes To Honey"
16. Brand New Start (2010) - produced by CAV3
  Kool Keith feat. Shing02
  unreleased track
17. Agua de Vida (2010) - Ice Blend
  original version (unreleased) produced by Tommy Guerrero
18.Unizon (2010) - Ice Blend
  original version produced by DIY Tokion
  Slim Kid Tre feat. Shing02
  to be featured on album by Fatlip & Slim Kid Tre
19. Workman (2010) - produced by Yakkle
  full version appears on Yakkle debut album "Ashes To Honey"
20. Big City Train (2005 / 2010)- produced by G.RINA
  unreleased track, vocals by G.RINA, guitar by Ian Hutchinson
  original Japanese version appears on "Daitoshi Wo Densha Wa Yuku" by Goodings RINA
21. This Is Our Time (We Need You) (2010) - produced by Tricky
  full version to appear on OMNI's upcoming album
22. Let's Go Mama (2009 / 2010) - produced by Vandex
23. Manowar (2009 / 2010) - produced by Washhouse Music (bonus track for digital only)
  feat. CAV3, Seph One

DJ Icewater from Los Angeles and Oakland, CA has been DJing since 1995. He has spent time on college radio and has toured worldwide as live DJ for Shing02, The Living Legends, and The Pharcyde. Icewater has released over 35 mixtapes and was named "Mixtape DJ Of The Year" along with DJ Cobra in 2003 at the Tech.nitions Conference. In addition to DJing, he works as an audio engineer for various artists including Lyrics Born, Jern Eye, and Keelay & Zaire.

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