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Thanks to Peter Kirn over at Create Digital Music for the nice write up. Wonderful site!

a demo performance from 2003, filmed at Lquid Room (Shinjuku, Tokyo) is finally up on youtube!!
(5parts, 27minutes)
e22video playlist

director christopher arcella's website is back up, meaning you can check out a couple of past faderboard demo quicktimes. one is a performance at aquarius records in 2002, san francisco, and the other is a tutorial made in 2003 (filmography section).

representing the UK, DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum13 come together as One-Self. Hey is that... yes, that sure looks like a faderboard that miss Bravo is playing on the cover of "Children Of Possibility" LP (ninja tune).

DJ First Rate talks about the faderboard in his setup (

The faderbord receives special attention in the San Jose Metro for the San Jose Jazz Festival. (Aug 10, 2005 issue / article by Geoff Wong) click on image for bigger size

DJ Shortee's DJ 202 is out now! Features DJ lessons, footage from NAMM conventions, interviews by Qbert, Disk, Babu etc, and a short segment on shing02 introducing the faderboard. props to Faust and Shortee!

print media:
XLR8R / april 2003 issue for a review / interview by Selena Hsu.
Collider lesson two for a review / article (jpn)
Remix for a interview / article (jpn
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