A. Arp Odyssey (2800)
Used for generating tones for cutting, oscillator / resonance yields scratch-like noises / tones, incredible bass tones, manufactured in the 70's

B. Korg Kaos Pad2

mainly used for simple effects such as BPM delay and reverb, before the main output.
C. Vestax PMC-06 Pro (white)
cuts primarily the Odyssey tone using reverse cross fader, up fader, toggle switch
D. Vestax Faderboard
plays tones (internal drum kits, sounds). mainly play saved sample tones from Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer organ, Hammond organ, PPG synthesizer. Reverse Cross Fader for dynamic cutting. Also used to trigger MPC 1000 via MIDI
E. H2O Liquid Effect Pedal
Very subtle rotary chorus and delay. Adds feel to the keyboard sounds.
Dual phono output a big plus.
F. Dunlop Crybaby EW-95V
Transforms the Faderboard sound into a soulful expression. A must-have since the introduction to the cockpit.
G. AKAI MPC 1000

Stores samples ready for MIDI trigger. Portable and efficient. Can act as a versatile drum machine, or sample bank for tones and phrases.

H. Monster Pro Link Cables
Ssetup reinforced by Monster Pro Link Audio and MIDI cables.
Extremely reliable and durable!
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