Breakseven Remixes - Live Human + V.A.
contains "Bed, Death and Beyond" by Freelancers Utd
shing02 (Arp Odyssey), A-1 (turntables), Doc Max (Arp Omni)
23 amazing remixes by Fingerbangers, Cheap Cologne, Sniper, Tino Corp., Centipede, Zeph, Pone, Spair, Pismo.
CD. Cosmic Records 2006

shing02: ANOI single (2006)
orchestrated by Vector Omega / dub mix by Shuichi Sugimoto
drums by Motoki Yamaguchi / fender rhodes by Doc Max
percussion by Zeke Nealy / shakuhachi by Philip Gelb
(ras takashi's melodica version) melodica, sound efx by Ras Takashi
(wicked yb's anoi version / cd only) vocals by Wicked YB
CD, limited 7"
Mary Joy Recordings 2006

P.E.A.C.E. - Twisted Tongue / Mimosa (2005)
Twisted Tongue (main / friday nite mix) produced by The Knocks (of CA)

wisted Tongue (remix) produced by Dawgisht aka G.Rantala
Mimosa produced by Caveman
CD / double 12". Mary Joy Recordings 2006 Out Now!

DJ Top Bill + Shing02: Avatar / Farewell To A Friend (2005 / 2002)
Avatar produced by Top Bill, fender rhodes by Doc Max, scratches by Top Bill, A-1
Mary Joy Recordings May 2005

Shing02: Y-Song (Y-Kyoku) single (2004)
produced by Vector Omega
shakuhachi by Philip Gelb
key solo by Doc Max
drum elements by Motoki Yamaguchi
Enhanced CD. (12" in the works)
Mary Joy Recordings / Toshiba EMI Feburary 2004

TORI - directed by Tadanobu Asano (2004)
contains "Y-Song (dub inst)" by Shing02
DVD. Imagica Entertainment Oct 2004

Hard Knock Records Presents: What About US? - V.A. (2003)
contains "Doxology" by Shing02 + Doc Max, produced by The Knocks
featuring music by: Rico Pabon (Prophets of Rage) and DJ Riddm - The Piper - The Frontline - Dro Golden - Raashan Ahmad - Cool Nutz feat. Bosko - Lunar Heights - Blackalicious - Michael Franti & Spearhead - Bukue One - Zion I - Non Prophets - Rashinel & Eyecue of the Hobo Junction - Omen - Abstract Tribe Unique

CD. Hard Knock Records Oct 2003


Shing02 / Doc Maxwell / Dose One / Kirby Dominant: Confessions (of three men) (2001)
produced by Doc Maxwell, orchestrated by Vector Omega
w/ DJ Icewater, DJ Hero81, G.Rina
on the compilation Tags of The Times 3
3x vinyl / CD.
Mary Joy Recordings 2001

Strictly Indee - V.A. (2000)
featuring the cut "Competition Within" by shing02 + doc maxwell produced by Vector Omega
This unique compilation of west coast independent hip-hop comes to us courtesy of Below the Surface and DJ Swindle. Includes tracks by Equipto, DJ Marz, Kirby Dominant, Anticon, Tommy V, Westcoast Workforce and more.
CD. Below the Surface 2000

Shing02 w/ Terracotta Troops: Ryoku-oushoku-jinshu (homo caeruleus cerinus) LP (1999)
produced by Vector Omega / Terracotta Troops
contains "Lady 7 Interlude" keys by Doc Maxwell
feat. Jah Earl, Cathy Shih, etc. LP double vinyl, 2xCD.

Mary Joy Recordings / Revolg Records 1999

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